Special Issue Climate justice in future cities

13 Feb 2024

Special Issue Climate justice in future cities: Geographical perspectives for inclusive urban resilience and adaptation

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The new special issue Climate justice in future cities is now avaibable in Landscape and Urban Planning Journal and it was edited by the Climate Justice Centre of the University of Padova (Italy). 

This special issue involved 8 research groups from six different countries, that explored urban climate justice both in the “Global North” and the “Global South”: Italy, Denmark, China, Ecuador, Canada, and Spain (see the table below). 

Existing scholarship has highlighted the urgent need for climate action plans and strategies to take into account and introduce principles of equity and justice in urban policies and interventions by drafting the concept of “urban climate justice.” 
Hence, in the present special issue, different paradigmatic case studies and innovative methodologies were investigated and critically analyzed in the context of urban climate justice. The fil rouge linking these studies, located in different geographic and socio-economic contexts, together with an interdisciplinary perspective, allowing for a comprehensive and profound understanding of how climate justice is shaping our cities and urban areas, including those located in remote contexts, and how to deal with this to develop sustainable, just, and future cities.

The majority of the articles are in open-access; you can freely download and share them.

AuthorsTitleCase study
F. Peroni, S. E. PappalardoIntroduction to the SI Climate justice in future cities: Geographical perspectives for inclusive urban resilience and adaptation 
A. B. Nielsen, S. Bonati, N. Blom AndersenDiscover the dynamics: An intersectional analysis of overt and hidden vulnerabilities to flood risk in urban DenmarkCopenhagen (Denmark)
N. Mohtat, L. KhirfanEpistemic justice in flood-adaptive green infrastructure planning: The recognition of local experiential knowledge in Thorncliffe Park, TorontoToronto (Canada)
B. HeCause-related injustice, process-related injustice, effect-related injustice and regional heat action planning priorities: An empirical study in Yangtze River Delta and Chengdu-Chongqing urban agglomerationsYangtze River Delta and Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle regions (China)
A. T. Amorim-Maia, I. Anguelovski, J. Connolly, E. ChuSeeking refuge? The potential of urban climate shelters to address intersecting vulnerabilitiesBarcelona (Spain)
S. E. Pappalardo, C. Zanetti, V. TodeschiMapping urban heat islands and heat-related risk during heat waves from a climate justice perspective: A case study in the municipality of Padua (Italy) for inclusive adaptation policiesPadua (Italy)
Codato D., Peroni F., De MarchiThe multiple injustice of fossil fuel territories in the Ecuadorian Amazon: Oil development, urban growth, and climate justice perspectivesAmazon region (Ecuador)
Facchinelli et al.The Apaguen los Mecheros campaign: Supporting climate justice in the Amazonian cities of Ecuador by estimating the health risks of gas flaringAmazon region (Ecuador)
M. Bayón Jiménez, M. Moreano VenegasA climate justice approach to urbanisation processes in the South: oil axis in EcuadorEcuadorian Amazon (Ecuador)
Articles in this special issue “Climate justice in future cities: geographical perspectives for inclusive urban resilience and adaptation”, Landscape and Urban Planning,  guest editors Francesca Peroni and Salvatore E. Pappalardo

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