Advanced Master

Advanced Master on “GIScience and Unmanned System for the integrated management of the territory and the natural resources – with majors”

About 80% of available information, personal and collective decisions have a relation with the territory. The increasing availability of geographic information and the rapid development of new technologies for the management of geographic data (from drones, to WebGIS, to Mobile-GIS) require the updating, the reorganization and the development of decision-making processes in many sectors of the economy, public administration and the non-profit. The Master aims to prepare the new professional profiles of GIScience and Geographic information (Geographic Information Manager, Geographic Information Officer, Geographic Knowledge Enabler, Geographic Information Specialist, GeoData Analyst) able to: use appropriate interdisciplinary approaches, technological solutions and geographic information in addressing complex territorial issues; manage the transformation of technologies supporting GIScience and orienting the identification of appropriate solutions for businesses, government agencies, citizenship.