21/07/2022 | III International Conference on Climate Justice – 1st Day

Climate justice in future cities: geographical perspectives for inclusive urban resilience and adaptation

Conference Session inside “Smart and Sustainable Planning for Cities and Regions”, Eurac Research

Here you can find the videos and presentations of the III Conference on Climate Justice held on 21st July from the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence on Climate Justice and the international research group “Climate Change, Territories, Diversities”.


Advancing climate justice through participatory mapping: green and blue infrastructure planning for adaptation to climate-induced floods in Thorncliffe Park, Toronto

Khirfan Luna

Borning cities in the climate crisis: mapping refugee camps by an open GIS-based workflow

Sonny Masoni

The Coast isn’t Clear: Climate Justice Implications of Communicating Urban Flood Risk in Affluent Vulnerable Communities

Sara Bonati

Monitoring Heat Waves and Urban Heat Islands for Inclusive Mitigation Strategies: A Case Study in the Municipality of Padua (Italy)

Salvatore Eugenio Pappalardo

Relational values of urban green spaces in Milan

Stefania Benetti

A climate justice approach to urbanisation processes in the South

Manuel Bayón Jiménez

Extreme Citizen Science for Climate Justice: mapping populated centers affected from gas flaring in the Ecuadorian Amazon Region

Francesco Facchinelli

Oil development and urban jungles in Ecuadorian Amazon: expansion and territorial changes in “El Coca”

Daniele Codato

Climate Justice in the future cities: perspectives from GIScience and Voluntereed Geography

Micheal F. Goodchild

“The GIScience could be the define as Spatial is special because there is a spatial dependence and the nearby things are more similar than distant things which means that a sample of people from one area will not be a random sample of the world’s population. “

Micheal F. Goodchild

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