29/06/2023 | V International Conference on Climate Justice – 2nd Day

Beyond The Emergency – Pathways for Climate Justice

Climate Justice and Socio-Environmental conflicts. Pathways of political ecologies and agroecologies between Europe and Amefrica Latina

Conference session inside “Geography and Political Ecology”, Società degli Studi Geografici

Here you can find the videos and presentations of the second day’s V Conference on Climate Justice held on 29th June from the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence on Climate Justice and the international research group “Climate Change, Territories, Diversities”.


The Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty (FFNPT): plural bottom-up paths of Phasing Out

Edoardo Crescini

Unburnable carbon for climate justice: a proposal of criteria for a fair and just transition away from fossil fuels

Daniele Vezzelli

Peasants’ ontology and government narratives. A political ecology of frontier dynamics in the northern Colombian Amazon

Francesca Letizia Metzke

Climate Change and Socio-environmental Conflicts in Colombian Amazon Rainforest: a GIScience Approach to Map and Assess Forest Fires

Nathalia Celis

Decolonialising Fridays for Future

Matteo Spini

The global legally binding agreement to fight plastic pollution: observing power and actors in Ecuador

Pablo Nicolas Toro Torres

Climate change and food systems comparing agro-industrialand agro-ecological perspectives in Sicily

Luigi Conte

Rights, land, soil and agroecosystems in the north-central Ecuadorian highlands. Multiscale analysis of the agroecological status of farms

Sáenz Lituma Gabriel

Exploring participatory approaches for soil health knowledge co-production in agroecological networks

Elvira Inés

Participatory resilient adaptation to Climate change in mountain regions. The ski industry vulnerability and the future sustainable development alternatives in the Valmalenco case study

Margherita Dematteis

Urban food forests: perspectives and scenarios for good agro-ecological practices in Padua

Denis Grego

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