CJ Course on Climate Adaptation

CJ Course on Climate Adaptation

The course “Climate change and adaptation on ecosystems and societies” will be available in Italian will be available from October 2021.
The course has a semester duration awardin 6 ECTS for 48 hour of teaching. Depending on the Pandemic condition the course will be in presence or on line. Priority for participation is given to students of University of Padova, some places will be available for interested people.

Contents of the course will be Climate change debate and policies:

  • International and European policies for mitigation and adaptation to climate change (Green Deal, protocols, Agenda for sustainable development to 2030)
  • Methods and contributions of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)
  • Concepts of adaptation and resilience in socio-environmental systems
  • European strategies for adaptation to climate change: 2030 and 2050 horizons + 1.5 *: Climate, land territory: global, regional and seasonal climate changes
  • Impacts of climate change on ecosystems and societies Mitigation and sustainable development paths within + 1.5 *
  • Supply side energy policies, Unburnable carbon and fossil fuel maintenance initiatives in the subsoil (Yasunization)
  • Demand side policies for climate change mitigation
  • Manage changes in land use / land cover, reduction of soil waterproofing, loss of ecosystem services and biodiversity Adaptations and responses to climate change and integration with sustainable development goals
  • Indicators of sustainable development and integration with climate policies
  • Adaptation to climate change in different contexts: mountain ecosystems, agro-ecosystems, urban ecosystems, tropical forests, coastal areas, islands and small islands
  • Adaptation to climate change and economic activities: tourism, agriculture, energy production, industrial activities, transport
  • Actors of climate policies and climate justice
  • Tools and good practices of adaptation and response

For information please contact:
EN stedeccd.dicea@unipd.it
IT mastergiscience@dicea.unipd.it



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