Published the 2022 edition of the Banking on Climate Chaos

The report contains a detailed analysis of the investments of the 60 largest banks in the world providing finance to the fossil fuel industry.
5 Apr 2022



Last week, Rainforest Action Network and five other civil society organisations released the 2022 edition of the Banking on Climate Chaos, endorsed by more than 500 organizations.

This report contains a detailed analysis of how the world’s 60 largest banks finance the fossil fuel industry. It shows how the world’s biggest banks, despite the current climate crisis and its impacts, have not taken any bold action to reduce their contribution to fossil fuel extraction.
In recent weeks, the Oil and Gas Policy Tracker has also been made public, by more or less the same civil society organisations, and is a key database for navigating and assessing the public commitments of financial institutions in relation to the oil and gas sector.

On the Banking Chaos website, in addition to downloading the full report in several languages, you can also analyse the various interactive graphics that have been produced, which help you to better understand the different bank financing of fossil fuels. In addition, you will be able to create your own case studies, going into detail about the financing of specific sectors, knowing the investments of specific banks or discover geographic areas where investments have been allocated such as oil exploration in the Arctic and much more.

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