The first open-source global database of oil, gas and coal production and reserves, expressed in CO2-equivalent.
20 Sep 2022

Global Registry of Fossil Fuels


Yesterday, the Carbon Tracker and the Global Energy Monitor have launched the Global Registry of Fossil Fuels. The first global database of fossil fuels reserves, production and emission in CO2 equivalent.
The data are from over 50,000 fields of oil, gas and coal in 89 countries which are the 75% of the world’s reserves.
Not only, the Global Registry of Fossil Fuels is constantly update with new data combined from government and corporate sources from around the world.

The figure matches confirmed reserves in producer countries to the potential future production scenarios, distinguishing three type of scenario: the total emissions for each country based on its reserves, Business as Usual (BAU) and Net Zero pathways

The aim of this open-source platform is support and sensitise the policymakers and investors in making 1.5°C aligned decisions around future fuel production and project. But also it is an important and essential tool for research and grassroots movements in supplying scientific analysis on how the international governance is structured a pathways to stay beyond 1.5°C, and where production is occuring.

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